Blazin’ Trails How To Fundraise

How to Fundraise-Your Rider is Counting on You!

  • Set a goal for your team and for yourself. Our riders need to raise a minimum of $100 for their trail ride, but your goal could be even higher!
  • Make a list of those who can help you reach your goal. Include relatives, neighbors, business associates, club members, etc.  Most people will give if asked!
  • Get to know your rider and their family. Watch their lessons, take pictures, and learn fun stories about them to share with your potential donors.
  • Personally make the first donation on your pledge form. Subsequent contributions will follow suit!
  • Be genuine when asking for donations-know the “who, what, where, and why.”
  • Ask the members of your team to divide and conquer. Different work places, churches, community groups, and hobbies lead to more ground covered.

Here are some easy ways to FUNdraise

  • Challenge another department at work to see which can raise the most money.
  • Plan bake sales and car washes with your fellow team members.
  • Sell candy bars at your desk.
  • Host a casual day at work with proceeds supporting the team.
  • Have a picnic at Prospect Riding Center; invite your friends and family. Take donations at the event!  Everyone will be able to see their dollars at work!
  • Team up with a local restaurant to do profit sharing for a day!


How to raise $100 in 10 days:

Day 1               Put in your own $10                                        $10

Day 2               Ask your significant other for $10                  $20

Day 3               Ask your boss for $10                                      $30

Day 4               Ask a co-worker for $10                                 $40

Day 5               Ask a friend for $10                                        $50

Day 6               Ask your neighbor for $10                              $60

Day 7               Ask a classmate or club member for $10      $70

Day 8               Ask your doctor for $10                                  $80

Day 9               Ask another co-worker for $10                       $90

Day 10             Ask another relative for $10                           $100


How to raise $500 in 10 days:

Day 1               Put in your own $25                                        $25

Day 2               Ask 2 merchants to donate $15                      $55

Day 3               Ask 4 family members for $25 each              $155

Day 4               Ask 4 friends to donate $25 each                   $255

Day 5               Ask 2 of your doctors to donate $25 each      $305

Day 6               Ask 2 co-workers for $10 each                       $325

Day 7               Ask 3 neighbors for $15 each                         $375

Day 8               Ask 3 church/temple members for $10         $400

Day 9               Ask another 3 friends for $25 each                $475

Day 10             Ask your supervisor for $25                            $500