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Group/Team Programs

We Offer Group/Team Programs in a tranquil ranch setting which includes a variety farm  activities.  Let us help your Group/Team learn to be part of a TEAM!  We personalize each group/team outing to your needs and preferences.

Team building through grooming
Equine interaction to build the natural human/animal bond
ctivities that build leadership
Mastering confidence through horsemanship

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Lesson Programs & Pricing

Tenderfoot                                                                                          Babe-an-carrot
School Age Children (5 – 12 years old)
Just out of the gates
Coordinating brain and body movement , while nurturing independence and responsibility
Building effective communication skills through active listening

Hold Your Horses
Youth ~ a population left to luck, (13-17 years old)
On a basis of chance, needing opportunities.
Realizing ones potential, respecting life in a safe environment. Having the experience of mastering a skill student will begin to define a sense of self, organizing drives, beliefs and ambitions

Wide Eyed Ride
Moms time out (childcare available)
Experience the symmetry, order and beauty of the horse
Enjoy clarity and focus, re-establish your presence

Credence Ride
Seniors and those in a certain life stage perspective
Feel renewed energy and a sense of well being
Stretch the capacity for recall as well as the body

Faith Ride (all age groups)
Letting the horse carry you through motion
and releasing the worlds disquiet.
Pursue patience, trust yourself again

Spirit Ride (all age groups)
Let your spirit free with the spirit of the horse
Sense a stronger self awareness and empathy
Stress relief through relaxation techniques on horseback

Good Cheer Ride (All age groups)
Celebratory riding, be lighthearted, perk up and ride on.

Military Veterans & First Responders
Bringing about a crusade of support to those who have been called upon to guard, protect and defend. Fulfilling and accomplishing advanced benefits while carrying on activities with equines.

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Prices   Lessons

30 Minutes – $35.00
45 Minutes – $45.00
30 Minute Trail Ride – $35.00

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