Volunteer Confidentiality

Prospect Riding Center recognizes the right of participants and their families to have privacy and control over any information about them that might be personal or sensitive. In order to respect that right, Prospect Riding Center has adopted the following policy regarding confidentiality.
Those bound by the directives of this policy are all persons in any way connected with Three T’s Ranch & Prospect Riding Center, including but not limited to: full and part-time staff, volunteers, independent contractors and instructors. Any persons violating these policies will be subject to penalties ranging from reprimand to alteration of job responsibilities to termination to legal action.
Except as deemed necessary the information considered to be confidential includes all medical, familial, social, referral, personal, and financial concerns regarding a rider and/or his/her family. Such information is considered confidential regardless of how it is obtained, whether directly from the rider or family, Prospect Riding Center staff, volunteers or others associated with Prospect Riding Center, or inadvertently from other sources such as but not limited to a chart, computer screen or overheard conversation.

Consent to disclose information to outside individuals or agencies, including photographs and videotapes should be obtained in writing from the proper legal representative. For most children under the age of 18, this would be the parent or legal guardian. Adults age 18 and over with developmental disabilities are presumed competent to give consent unless they have specifically been found incompetent in a court of law. In such case, a substitute decision-maker would be assigned, and any consent must be obtained from the decision-maker.

I have read and understand the Prospect Riding Center confidentiality policy as described above and agree to observe its principles.

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